Croft Garden Cottage
South Uist - Outer Hebrides

Wild Hebrides

  • compass jellyfish
  • common blue butterfly
  • cotton grass
  • field gentian
  • great yellow bumblebee
  • marsh orchid
  • round-leave sundew
  • sanderling
  • scarlet waxcap
  • six-spot burnet moth
  • rabbit

Ardivachar is one of the best birdwatching sites in South Uist and Croft Garden Cottage is the perfect location for discovering the flora and fauna of the coast.

Come in the spring and summer to enjoy the flowering of the machair, the sublime song of the skylarks and the discordant crex crex of the Corncrakes. On warm days pause to watch the rare great yellow bumblebees in the cottage garden or explore the rocky coves of the headland to search for otters and seals or watch small parties of plovers and sandpipers feeding on the beach. The crystal clear waters will reveal the magic of the marine life of the rock pools from delicate sea anemones to scuttling tiny crabs.

Visit the rugged east side of the island to look for golden eagles, short-eared owls and hen harriers. Here the flora is different - beautiful vibrant green sphagnum moss, cotton grass, mounds of reindeer lichens and of course heather. You will almost certainly see red deer and possibly a white-tailed sea-eagle.

With the passing of summer, the landscape takes on more subtle hues and the intense light heightens its beauty. As the flowers fade they are replaced by the jewel like waxcaps, small fungi which speckle the grassland with vibrant colours. The days shorten and autumn heralds winter - the time to look northward and listen for the call of the migrating geese. The beaches and fields give respite to migrating waders - black-tailed godwits, golden plovers and sometimes their rare American cousins - pectoral or buff-breasted sandpipers.

The landscapes and wildlife of the Outer Hebrides are some of the finest in Britain and Croft Garden Cottage is ideally situated for you to experience some of the magic of this unique natural world.

You can discover more about the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides from Hebridensis: Outer Hebrides Wildlife. For the latest wildlife new please visit: the Curracag Natural History Society Facebook group and Outer Hebrides Birds.